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Vermont Farmstead FAQ: What Kind of Cows Do You Milk?

We have a mixed herd, and each breed brings a different value to our herd. Not to mention they all have very different personalities, making it a lot more fun!

The herd of 55 consists of 25% Holsteins, 50% Jerseys, and 25% quarter mixed bred including Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorns, and Brown Swiss. All of our cows are registered, meaning they are purebred of their breed.

Similar to AKC for dogs, this adds value to each of our cows. We can trace our cow’s families, as well as have them classified which puts a numeric score to evaluate the cow.

We also like to keep track of our cow families by keeping the same letter for the beginning of each name.

Be sure to look on our social media pages for our Calf Naming Contests!

You can read more FAQs here!


About Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co.

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company began as a community effort to preserve a picturesque 18-acre dairy farm in South Woodstock, VT in 2009. A passionate group of neighbors, who believed in the importance of regional food suppliers, came together to raise money to purchase the land, buildings, and equipment to maintain the dairy farm—all those people are still actively involved in the business. In June 2011, we produced our first cheese, and five months later, after refining our product, we brought it to the public.