Kent Underwood - President and COW (Chief Operating Worker.)
Kent is a fifth generation dairyman and has been involved at all levels of the industry. He is the glue that keeps VFCC together. Prior to joining us, Kent managed the operations, and the expansion (of both farm and brand) of rapidly growing dairies in Wisconsin and Vermont. (Even water buffalo!) He has a B.S. in Animal Science from University of Arizona. As our fearless leader, Kent has a hand in every task involved in the company.  Kent spends his days throughout our facilities. Whether it be milking the cows, spinning pizzas, helping in the creamery, or at a Farmer's Market, Kent will be there enthusiastically promoting VFCC! 


Rick WoodsVice President of Creamery Operations

Rick, as our Head Cheese Maker has been with VFCC since the beginning. He has twenty something years of being involved in all aspects of cheese production from cheese maker to plant manager, to developing regulatory compliance programs and educational cheese making classes for school groups. In his off time, he drinks craft beer and snacks on our Extra Aged Windsordale and Governor's Cheddar. Don't tell him we told you this, but he always cries over spilt milk and every single time the movie 'Rudy' comes on. 


Whitney Lamy - Founder of Castleton Crackers 

Whitney, being an artist and baker, is fascinated by the origins of many of the foods we eat today. In the early 1800’s Josiah Bent from Massachusetts decided to make a lighter and thinner version of Hardtack, a soldiers and seafarers staple. Mr. Bent rolled out sheets of dough, baked and hand “cracked” them. Whitney has been rolling out her crackers in her Castleton Vermont kitchen for her family and friends in this original "out of the box" way for many years. 


Heidi Emanuel - Sales Manager

After managing our former Retail Store and Tasting Room in Windsor VT for 4 years, Heidi has now stepped into the role of Sales Manager.



Megan CooneyCheesemaker

Megan was looking for new ways to express her artisan foodie side, so went from gluten-free bakery owner to Cheesemaker. When she’s not shoveling 1700 lbs of curd, lifting 60 pound blocks of cheese in the creamery, or running in circles around her three girls, she's baking delicious gluten free honey granola bars.


Lucas Fletcher- Herdsman

Lucas joined our farm team after managing a registered Jersey herd in Hartland, VT. His passion is with the Brown Swiss breed. Pictured here with his heifer, Luna. Lucas is responsible for maintaining the health of the herd including reproductive management, his true passion. He is currently working on becoming certified to do bovine embryo transfers. He also maintains a flock of Registered Columbia sheep, has horses, and the father to two very beloved German Shorthaired Pointers, so there is never a dull moment in his life!