Kent Underwood - President and COW (Chief Operating Worker.)
Kent is a fifth generation dairyman and has been involved at all levels of the industry. He is the glue that keeps VFCC together. Prior to joining us, Kent managed the operations, and the expansion (of both farm and brand) of rapidly growing dairies in Wisconsin and Vermont. (Even water buffalo!) He has a B.S. in Animal Science from University of Arizona. Taking inspiration from the Gingerbread Man, he plays "Catch Me if You Can" daily with the rest of the staff, while bouncing back and forth from the farm in Woodstock, to the production facility in Windsor, VT, and then back to the farm again! 


Rick WoodsVice President of Creamery Operations

Rick, as our Head Cheese Maker has been with VFCC since the beginning. He has twenty something years of being involved in all aspects of cheese production from cheese maker to plant manager, to developing regulatory compliance programs and educational cheese making classes for school groups. In his off time, he drinks craft beer and snacks on our Extra Aged Windsordale and Governor's Cheddar. Don't tell him we told you this, but he always cries over spilt milk and every single time the movie 'Rudy' comes on. 


Whitney Lamy - Founder of Castleton Crackers & Sales

Whitney, being an artist and baker, is fascinated by the origins of many of the foods we eat today. In the early 1800’s Josiah Bent from Massachusetts decided to make a lighter and thinner version of Hardtack, a soldiers and seafarers staple. Mr. Bent rolled out sheets of dough, baked and hand “cracked” them. Whitney has been rolling out her crackers in her Castleton Vermont kitchen for her family and friends in this original "out of the box" way for many years. 


Heidi Emanuel - Store Manager of The Market

Heidi brings over many years of store management and leadership experience to our team. Her planning, creativity, eye for merchandising, and fun, yet fearless attitude have made her a valuable asset to the VFCC team. Her calm, cool, collectedness, and impeccable sense of fashion make us wish we were more like her! 



Megan CooneyCheesemaker

Megan was looking for new ways to express her artisan foodie side, so went from gluten-free bakery owner to Cheesemaker. When she’s not shoveling 1700 lbs of curd, lifting 60 pound blocks of cheese in the creamery, or running in circles around her three girls, she's baking delicious gluten free honey granola bars, which you can purchase in our Market, or online here.



Steven Drebber Cheesemaker

As unlikely a cheesemaker as you’d ever expect to find is our own Steven Drebber.  A fully licensed and practicing Chiropractor, Steven gave up his practice to explore his inner “artisan cheesemaker” and never looked back. Like a true rockstar, he also sings and plays drums in the "Sensible Shoes" band, and can perform a mean cover of "Billie Jean." 



Steven LeBrun – Windsor Production Facility Manager

Steve L. ensures that the production facility in Windsor runs smoothly and that cheese gets safely cut, wrapped, and sent out to the stores and distributors in a timely manner. He manages inventory, and nothing goes in or out without his seal of approval! He's quite the chef at home, and makes the rest of us envious in the lunchroom. He likes the spice, and is otherwise known for his homemade Habanero salsas and sauces. 


Katie King - The Shipping Department, etc.

Katie ensures that your cheese orders arrive safely and on time. She keeps it calm and cool under extreme pressure and her laugh is infectious. She is flexible, willing, and able to help in whatever capacity is needed - in the creamery, on the farm, in the warehouse, pizza kitchen - and she is good at all of it! Katy also has many hidden talents - amazing pencil artist, snow shoer, horseback rider, and dough ball roller.  


Sharon HuntleyDirector of Marketing

Sharon comes to Vermont Farmstead with over 20 years of experience in traditional, direct, strategic and brand marketing and advertising.  She embraces the opportunity to build, steward and champion the Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company brand from the ground up. She was previously a former owner and partner of an advertising agency. She is not afraid to yell "COME TRY OUR CHEESE!" across a crowded room, but she is too shy to have her photo out on there on the world wide web.



Rachel Luptak - Marketing Manager and Asst. Manager of The Market

Rachel built this website and is crossing her fingers that you will like it. She's a people person, so she works various events and in the Market. She enjoys adventures - travel, nature, taking pictures, long walks downtown, through historic graveyards, and into abandoned old buildings. She was once an Interior Designer. Now she eats A LOT of cheese, drinks only craft cider, and is not afraid to wipe out on a pair of alpine skis. Therefore, she left Brooklyn, NY for Vermont and never looked back. She lives in Windsor and is a slave to her grumpy 86 dog year old Maltese-Yorkie, named Nelli.


Angie UnderwoodSales Manager

Angie’s strong background in business development is central to her primary responsibility of developing sales nationwide for VFCC. As an Arizona transplant, she has enjoyed trading in the sweltering hot days for snow covered hikes and cross country skiing. She loves exploring all VT has to offer with her husband, kids and puggle, named Wrigley (an avid Cubs fan, not a chewing gum fanatic, folks). When not outdoors, Angie is channeling her inner Martha Stewart with crafting and baking.




Anne MallaryOffice Manager & Book Keeper

Anne grew up on a dairy farm in Fairlee, VT that raised registered Holsteins. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from UVM, and acted as a Herd Manager for ten years. She then earned her stripes in bookkeeping and tax preparation and became Treasurer for the Town of Tunbridge. Now, at VFCC, Anne has been able to merge her two interests and careers as our office manager and book keeper. However, she would rather be at her cabin on the lake.


Kelly GillerHerd Manager

Kelly's main responsibility is to care for our herd and make them the happiest, healthiest, cows that produce only the highest quality of milk for our cheeses. She also assists with marketing by photographing the cows for our various marketing media platforms. She's a doting mother to a blue heeler pup named Lola. She's lots of fun, a great skier, and everybody likes her - EVEN THOUGH SHE NEVER EVEN LEARNED HOW TO WHISTLE!!! 


Jake Orton - Herdsman

Jake milks, feeds, breeds, and nurtures the cows. Dairy farms and the mountains have kept him here in Vermont for over sixteen years. His favorite cheese is our VT Maple Sriracha Windsordale. If he's not gettin' down on the farm, depending on the season, you'll find him either shredding fresh powder on his snowboard, or four wheeling in the middle of nowhere with his dog Remy.