Lillé (Coulommiers)
Lillé (Coulommiers) Lillé (Coulommiers) Lillé (Coulommiers) Lillé (Coulommiers)
$ 7.99

7 oz. Bebe or 46 oz. Wheel 

From the northern reaches of France comes the origin of our Coulommiers-style cheese and thicker ancestor to Brie, and the name itself, Lillé. Handmade in small batches, each wheel is a slightly different weight. Aged in its own special room, and lovingly turned regularly, the delicate rind develops evenly with a white downy bloom. This decadently sumptuous soft-ripened cheese has a supple paste core enveloped by a rich creamy body and reveals a subtle mushroom nuance with notes of nut and butter. The rind gives a nice salty bite versus the delicate interior.

Watch how our Lille is made in the video below.