The Vermont S'more
The Vermont S'more The Vermont S'more
$ 20.00

- 1 box Castleton Crackers Sesame Grahams  6oz.

- 1 Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company Lillé 7oz.

- 1 jar 2 oz. Fat Toad Farm Spicy Dark Chocolate Caramel 

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Break one piece of a Castleton Sesame Graham Cracker in half. Place a slice of Vermont Farmstead Lillé on one half of the graham cracker. Spread a generous amount of Fat Toad Farm Spicy Dark Chocolate on top of the cheese. Place the other half of the graham cracker on top of the caramel and enjoy!

Make a platter full of s’mores and serve as a unique hors d’oeuvre or an amazing dessert at a potluck or summer BBQ!

Sesame Graham Crackers:
Castleton Crackers sesame grahams are all natural and made with the highest quality ingredients. Our take is a slightly sweet and slightly salty graham grown-up graham cracker. The sesame seeds add a nutty flavor and crunch. Perfect paired with cheese, chocolate or a base for a sophisticated s’more!

Lille: Our Coulommiers-style cheese Lillé is handmade in small batches and lovingly turned regularly so the rind develops evenly with a white downy bloom. This decadently sumptuous soft-ripened cheese has a supple paste core enveloped by a rich creamy body. Reveals a subtle mushroom nuance with notes of nut and butter. The rind gives a nice salty contrast to the delicate interior.

Spicy Dark Chocolate: Fat Toad Farm uses milk from their neighbors at Vermont Creamery and makes a goat’s milk caramel sauce, which is hand-stirred to velvety perfection in traditional copper kettles. Their Spicy Dark Chocolate Caramel comes together by slowly stirring stone ground chocolate and a healthy pinch of cayenne right into the almost finished caramel. Once the chocolate has fully melted, the caramel is dark, rich and beautifully freckled.