Fat Toad Spicy Dark Caramel
Fat Toad Spicy Dark Caramel Fat Toad Spicy Dark Caramel
$ 10.99
Fat Toad Farm's rich and spicy flavor delivers a delicious and complex combination that will ignite smiles all year round. A great gift for any age, at any time!
Made in small batches with fresh milk from Fat Toad Farm's own herd of pastured dairy goats, their Caramel Sauces are meticulously hand-stirred to velvety perfection over the course of five hours in traditional copper kettles. Rich and creamy, these not-too-sweet caramel sauces deliver the unmistakably tangy depth of your favorite chèvre balanced with the simplicity of fresh milk and pure cane sugar. In the true spirit of farmsteading, Fat Toad exclusively use milk from their own goats, and personally shepherd each ounce of caramel from grass, to goat, to jar, and into your hands.
Comes in a 2 floz and a 8 floz. glass jar