Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee
Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee Mocha Joe's Bag of Coffee
$ 14.00

Mocha Joe's is a specialty coffee roasting company located in Brattleboro, Vermont. Alongside our Organic Fair Trade Coffee selections, they also offer Farmer Direct Trade coffee and a selection of other specialty coffees. We proudly brew their coffee and pull their espresso shots in our Market. 

12 oz. Whole Bean Bags

HondurasThis coffee has a milk-chocolate body with notes of figs, brown sugar, and Meyer lemon. 

Hometown Organic Light Roast - just right, Goldilocks! Our Hometown Blend highlights two excellent South American light roast coffees. It’s well balanced with a pleasant green apple acidity and a crisp, rich finish. Both sweet and nutty, it goes great with cream and sugar or on its own.

Espresso Features four different coffee beans and four unique roasts for a perfectly balanced espresso. With its rich, full crema, this espresso’s intense high notes permeate your tongue and roll into dark chocolate bass notes that linger on your palette. Great for shots or mixed drinks, this amazing espresso blend holds up under all conditions.

Don Roger's Tropical Fruit Symphony-

  • Mango, Ripe Pineapple, Peach
  • Delicate body, Citric Acidity 
Farmer: Roger Mairena | Finca Las Mercedes
Region: Matagalpa
Elevation: 4,400 ft
Process: Natural
Roger Mairena grows Java, Caturra, Bourbon, and Paché on his farm near the Arenal Nature Reserve. An agronomist by trade, Don Roger grows extraordinarily high-quality coffee using special pruning techniques and excellent sustainability practices. This unusual natural process coffee packs an explosion of juicy, tropical fruit flavor balanced with a bright, citric acidity. 
Don Roger's Tropical Fruit Symphony comes to us through a long-term relationship with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. GMCG is a social enterprise that works to connect coffee producers in Nicaragua directly with roasters abroad. GMCG is in on the ground in Nicaragua, 100% of the time, teaming up with producers willing to take the steps necessary to produce high-cupping, specialty coffee.