EXCLUSIVE! LIMITED TIME ONLY! Shipyard Pumpkinhead Alehouse Cheddar
$ 7.99 $ 9.00

Made in collaboration with Shipyard Brewing, exclusively for Stop & Shop.  Now available HERE - for a limited time only - Fall 2021!

With the subtle taste of the fall spices and beer of the Pumpkinhead it is made with, this delicious and unique cheese is excellent choice on a burger or grilled cheese, in fondues or cheddar soups, warming the cheese intensifies the delicious flavors! Also great on a cheese board with nuts, hearty crackers & honey mustards. Or simply enjoy with friends and brews at a tailgate party, or as an appetizer for Thanksgiving!

GET IT NOW to enjoy as a fall treat.  Our regular retail value $9.00 - NOW JUST $7.99!  Only while supplies last!