3 Boys Baking - Jamieson Gingersnaps
3 Boys Baking - Jamieson Gingersnaps 3 Boys Baking - Jamieson Gingersnaps
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Three Boys Baking

"Young entrepreneurs are alive and well in the upper valley: witness three families, the Harrons, the Hurds and the Mosenthals, who had been discussing business plans for their respective sons, Bo, Zach and Walter. The families often met to discuss different ideas for their boys as the summer of 2017 got started, and then as often happens, time tumbles forward and everyone gets busy with daily life.  Bo, who has been working for Kendall just under 20 hours per week, began tinkering in the kitchen under  his mother’s sharp eye.  Sure enough, one Wednesday evening that August at the West Hartford farmers’ market, they laid out 4 bags of granola, 18 treats and 13 magical ginger snaps. The table was emptied of its wares in the blink of an eye.

With ongoing discussions, Walter and Zach had been very excited by this baking concept and 3 Boys Baking was born with granola, people and pup treats and the most elegant, thinly slivered ginger snaps as the most popular staples.  (note to cooks: I can imagine these snaps as a lovely dessert sandwich with cinnamon ice cream or Cobb Hill’s frozen maple or vanilla yogurt slathered inside.)" - Daily UV