Our Market offers a variety of cheese platters for your catering needs. We select a variety of unique artisanal cheeses and accompaniments to create an eye-catching and well-balanced platter.  Informative descriptions of each cheese are included and are sure to inspire conversation amongst your delighted guests.  Platters are currently available for pick up only. Call 802-674-4260 to order yours.


Small platters serve 25-30

Medium platters serve 55-60

Large platters serve up to 85 people



The Basic Cheese Board

The Basic Cheese Board is simple, but sophisticated and features three enticing Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company cheeses and two varieties of hearty and rustic Castleton Crackers.

Small $90   |   Medium $150   |   Large $170

Add one charcuterie type:    Small +$15   |   Medium +$30   |  Large +$40


The Traditional Cheese Board

Our Signature Platter features four unique varieties of Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company cheeses and is accompanied by two varieties of complementing Castleton crackers, dried fruit, and nuts.

Small $120   |   Medium $210   |   Large $255

Add one charcuterie type: Small +$15   |   Medium +$30   |   Large +$40


The Vermont Cheese Board

This regional platter presents a thoughtful and elegant selection of four cheeses including two Vermont Farmstead Cheese Co. cheeses, one sheep’s milk cheese, and one goats milk cheese, accompanied by two all-natural Castleton cracker varieties, colorful seasonal fruit, and local honey or jam pairings.

Small $150   |   Medium $270   |   Large $340

Add one charcuterie type:   Small +$15   |   Medium +$30   |   Large +$40