Melinda Mae
Melinda Mae Melinda Mae Melinda Mae
$ 9.50

Melinda Mae is a Robiola-style cheese. It's is soft ripened, with a bloomy rind, and it's name was inspired by the Shel Silverstein poem about a little girl who eats a whale:

Have you heard of tiny Melinda Mae, 
Who ate a monstrous whale? 
She thought she could, 
She said she would, 
So she started in right at the tail. 

As Brian told Matt Spiegler, Author of The Cheese Notes Blog, “Melinda Mae is a Shel Silverstein poem about finishing what you start. This is my first aged cheese from my own company and it took me 15 years of professional development and entrepreneurship to get here. I’m very proud of it and finishing the task at hand.”

A young Melinda Mae has a fruit forward fragrance fueled by the fission of fungi. After a fractional fortnight of fastidious flipping, the aroma traverses from tropical to terra firma. Then the character of Melinda Mae begins to emerge with a forest floor of must and mist, meandering briefly to baked bread and bodaciously beefy bovine butter. 

Pairs well will light honey, jams, apples, blueberries, and roasted nuts. 

8oz. / 1/2 lb