Green Mountain Blue Cheeses
Green Mountain Blue Cheeses Green Mountain Blue Cheeses Green Mountain Blue Cheeses Green Mountain Blue Cheeses
$ 15.00

Madison Blue- Creamy, with an earthy slightly salty finish, this raw cows’ milk blue from the Boucher Family Farm in Highgate Center, VT has a decadently rich fudgey texture. Delightful on a cheese plate or melted over a juicy steak. 8 Oz. Wedge

Gore Dawn Zola- Made in the Gorgonzola style, tangy, sharp and crumbly. This cheese is cured over a three-week period attracting naturally occurring flora to form a rind. The surface is scraped down before wrapping and further aging in our cellar. It has a unique character and bitter chocolate aroma. Due to its crumbly texture, it is best cut with a wire. Serving suggestion: try as dessert or an appetizer with caramelized walnuts, sweet raisin bread, or drizzled with honey. Great over a light green salad with a sweet dressing. Has won the Cheese Reporter Trophy at the British Empire Cheese Show. An ACS Blue-Ribbon winner. 8 Oz. Wedge 

Boucher Blue- Smooth, very creamy, and mild, with undertones of chestnuts, sweet hay, and truffles. Based on a French Fourme d’Ambert over the years it has become a true farmhouse cheese, unique to our farm. Serving suggestion: Part of an American Cheese course with sweet fruity wine: its mild character does not conflict as other, more well known blues can. You may serve either of our blue cheeses on a spoon as an amuse-bouche with a drop of Amaretto. An American Cheese Society award-winner. 8 oz Wedge


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