Political Rivals Sidehill Jam Duo
$ 12.50 $ 13.98

Two very different politicians, two very different jams, both made in Vermont by Sidehill Farms.

“Feel the Bern” is a delicious combination of mango and habanero, for sweet heat. As the label states, “Like Bernie: handcrafted in VT since the 70’s with no-nonsense ingredients that can really heat things up. Unlike Bernie: It can be bought!”

“Big Wig Fig Jam” is “Making American Jam Great Again! Like Donald, simple and understated. Tastes like a billion dollars. This jam is so good you’ll want to build a wall around it! Made with nothing but the BEST figs, the BEST cane sugar & the BEST lemon juice,” regardless of how you feel about POTUS, you will be sure to love this jam!

Also available individually on our site under Sidehill Farm Jams, save when you by the pair as a set!