Down 2 Earth Chocolate Toffee
Down 2 Earth Chocolate Toffee Down 2 Earth Chocolate Toffee Down 2 Earth Chocolate Toffee Down 2 Earth Chocolate Toffee Down 2 Earth Chocolate Toffee Down 2 Earth Chocolate Toffee
$ 8.99

Hand crafted chocolate toffee. Made in Barnard Vermont. 

Pumpkin Seed and Burnt Butter Toffee:  A full chorus of burnt local butter, a touch of honey and autumn spices set the stage for a duet of Organic Milk and Bittersweet chocolates. The production continues with roasted Organic pumpkin seeds and shaved white chocolate sings out with roasted caramelized cocoa nibs and Maine Sea Salt. Like most superstars these days this one is here and gone in a flash. Our supply of organic pumpkin seeds are limited, so get this seasonal star before its too late. If you do miss out, it will return next year, but that's a long time to wait (hint, hint...). 

Bacon, Beer, and Pecans, Oh my!  C'mon, You know it just works.
VT Smoke & Cure bacon fat in the crunchy toffee and Crispy Bacon pieces on the outside, along with Organic Pecans that have been bathed in Wolavers Oatmeal Stout & Our Own Maple syrup 'till they are caramelized and smokey, oh, and top that off with some Maine Sea Salt, Smoked Cocoa Nibs all slathered in a thin layer of Organic Bittersweet Chocolate from Venezuela and you have got one incredibly yummy Toffee, and a really long sentence that sounds almost as good!

Chioggia Beet and Vanilla: The one that got us on the map. We grow our own organic garden beets and infuse them into a crisp vanilla bean toffee. Its then smothered with a special blend of 3 organic chocolates. We finish it off with raw & roasted carmelized cocoa nibs and ground bittersweet chocolate from Bolivia.  The fruity profile of the chocolate pairs perfectly with the subtle flavor of the Chioggia beets. This one will have you hooked and coming back for more.

Maine Sea Salt: This one is for the minimalist. Deeply caramelized toffee at the core, an intense blend of organic 74% and 42% chocolates round out the profile, roasted cocoa nibs and Maine Sea Salt hit this one home. Not much more to say, its just flat out good, but be forewarned, you will need to buy two, because the first bag won't last but a few minutes. 

Coffee Toffee: Coffee is infused into a thin layer of deeply carmelized organic cane sugar and fresh Vermont butter. We then lay down a layer of  earthy organic 74% bittersweet chocolate, stud it with smoked roasted cocoa nibs

Hard Cider-Local Oats-Almonds-Nibs: Organic Milk Chocolate from the Dominican Republic, topped with roasted cocoa nibs, almonds roasted and candied with Amber Maple Syrup, local oats all encasing maple toffee, smooth and nutty; one of the few that are truly on the sweet side.

4 Oz.