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Our Herd

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Holstein BAA- 108.1

First Started Milking Cows in April 2010 as Kedron Valley Dairy

Cows are Milked Twice per Day, Everyday

We have a Multi-breed herd with Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, Holsteins, Jerseys, Red & White Holsteins and Milking Shorthorns

Our Herd Averages 60 pounds per Cow per day or about 7 Gallons of Milk

Lending Great to Herd Health and Consistent Milk Quality we Feed Dry Hay, Pasture and Supplement with Grain 


Cook-Farm BWM Buttercup-ET EX-93
Gold Medal Dam

Marshall 93 X Outside 92 X Convincer 88
VFCC has an Epic May 2013 Daughter, and September 2013 Daughter by Meridian

Buttercup’s Outside Dam

Hidden-View Brooke-ET

Outside 92 X  Convincer 88 X EX X EX

 Paradise Family

Psych of Rosedale EX-93 2E

Sept Storm X Paradise2 EX-92 (Clone of Paradise- EX-96)

Embryos available by Aspen, Tregibby Gibson (Great Britian) and Dundee
Reserve Senior Champion Wisconsin District 6 Holstein Show 2009
Owned by Kent Underwood and Beaux Treguboff


Gladtime-Lal Aspen Paris-ET  GP-82
March 17, 2011, Final Cut Daughter – Now owned by Brigeen Farm, Maine 

Gladtime-Lal DRHM R  Psychadelic
April 19, 2012, Durham-Red Daughter – sold to Dave Trotter, PA

Daphne Family

Dark Horse M Daphne EX-93

Mason X Charles VG87 X Skybuck VG87
Amazing Brood Cow
Embryos by Shottle, Outside, Gold Chip and Dolman
Daughters by Affirmed and Sanchez
Owned by Kent & Carey Underwood and Brian Badtke

Daphne’s Affirmed Daughter

Howacres Affirmed Dublin EX-92

Owned by Kyle Thygesen

Daphne’s Outside Granddaughter

Dark-Horse Outside Diesel EX-94

Outside X Emory VG88 X Mason DAPHNE
4th Sr 3 yr Midwest Spring Show 2009
Owned by Tyler Schafer
Final Cut VG87 Granddaughter @ VFCC

Daphne’s Roy Granddaughter

Dark Horse Roy Aretha EX-92 Max- EX MS

Roy X Emory VG88 X Mason DAPHNE
Owned by: Kyle and Jennifer Thygesen

Goldwyn Monica 

Maheufils Goldwyn Monica  EX-94

Goldwyn X Champion-VG87 X Charles-VG
Full Sister to Melinda 2008 All-American Fall Calf
Owned by Eric Worden, NY

Embryos by Touchdown-Red (sexed)
Touchdown Jr.2 Daughter fresh that looks great!

Gladtime-West Sanchez Mango VG-87
Sanchez X Goldwyn-EX90 X Champion-VG87 X Charles-VG
Owned by VFCC


Lookout Durham Lillie EX-90
(photo as 2 year old)

Daughters by Airlift & O’Kaliber @ VFCC

Lillie’s Dam

Selbyvale Spirit Loggan EX-95 2E


Elm-Park Lilmama GP-80 2yr
Redmarker from the Locust Peak R-Maple Lulu EX-96

IMG_2629Gladtime West-FC Lillé VG-87
Daughters by Atwood & Hestry
Now owned by Ashlie & Marjorie Hardy, and Housed @ VFCC


Gladtime-SDA Adv Candle-Red EX-91
Advent X September Storm
Candle was 4th 4Year old @ the 2013 New York Spring Show

Gladtime-SDA Rliner Chili-Red
Fresh Sr. 2 looking great!

Candle’s Sister

Gladtime West Firefly-Red

Rampage X VG Ranger red X VG Factor RC X EX Powerpack X VG Enhancer X VG Triple Threat
Sold 2008 to Jason James



Agawam Reidell Zephyr  VG-89

Reidell X BBBKellogg GP-83 X Senior VG-86
1st Spring Yrlg – 2008 Eastern States National Jr
2nd Spring Yrlg – 2008 Eastern States National
Burdette Embryos Available and due back in April to Free Beer
Owned by Kent Underwood & Housed @ VFCC

Zephyr’s Daughters

Gladtime-West FB Zamboni
Spring Yearling for 2015 by
Terrace-Bank Free Beer



Agawam Raven Brie EX-91

Ripken Raven X Reidell VG-89 X BBBKellogg GP-83
3rd Jr 2-2011 Eastern States National
2nd & BU Jr 2-2011 Southern National
Owned and Housed with Hill’s, Bristol, VT


Valley-View IM Virtuous  EX-90 2E

2nd Place Sr. 3 Vermont State Show 2012
4th Place Eastern National Sr. 3 2012

Ridale Berkley’s Vienna VG87
Fresh October ’14 & looks great!

Ridale Predator’s Viva
Due to Braddock 7/29, as a Fall Yearling in Milk


AFJ3014 Hardy Farm Conn MaelynHardy Farm Conn Maelyn EX-91 3E
(Dam of Maelee, Maelise)
Maelyn was 4th place 4 year old at Eastern States and 1st Jr, Reserve Sr & Reserve Grand Champion Jr Show Eastern States Expo 2013

Hardy Farm Riggins Maelee VG85
2nd Place Eastern National & 1st Jr.- Spring Yearling 2012
Due in March 2014

Hardy Farm Lochinvar Maelise VG87
Young cow with a lot of Potential!


Hardy Farm Swedmark Myra VG-86


L-R: Craig Moor Maestro Mystic EX-90; Sno-Krest Mor Pickett VG-87; Waybee Rocket Ethel VG-84; Otter Morr Neville Irish VG-81; Elms Vu Sun Valley Makaela VG-86; Otter Morr Hollywood Chariot EX-91; Otter Morr Canyon Chris VG-87

R-L: Huronia Comerica Vivianna 20X-ET VG-86; Sno-Krest Ace Baracuda VG-87; Otter Morr Sun Valley Coco VG-84; Blaine Farm Maxine VG-85; Highlife Signature Maui VG-86; Otter Morr Roulette Buzz VG-86; Waybee Contender Katie VG-85; Kudos Big Show Verlee VG-88



Kudos Big Show Verlee  VG-88 2yr

Fresh November 17, 2011 with a fancy Blackstone Daughter
Owned by Kent Underwood & Derek Orth

Kudos Blackstone Vera
Great second calf Sr.3 selling in the NE Classic Jersey sale 4/25/15

Verlee’s Dam

Homeridge Laser Val  VG-86

Owned with and Housed at Orth Ridge Lancaster, WI



MF29727 Morning Dew Royal Sara

Morning Dew Royal Sara  EX-93 93MS

Royalty X Othello EX-91 93MS

Grand Champion 2000 Harrisburg Jr. Show
2013 Grand Champion New York Spring Show
Owned by Ridale Genetics-Ryan Rida & Housed @ VFCC

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