When It’s this Cold, I’ll Take my Cheese Hot and Bubbly!

As I am nursing my second major cold in as many months and wrapping up in layers and scarves, hats and gloves just to walk to the mail box, I need to remind myself that winter is a beautiful season that I must enjoy while its here.  We’ve had no shortage of snow this year which keeps the countryside looking pristine and sparkling.  And trails for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing and snowmobiling are all open and welcoming.  But the cold!  Oh the cold!

And so when I walk into my kitchen and go to make myself a snack or dinner or breakfast, I reach for the cheese.  But a slice won’t do.  In this kind of weather, I crave for cheese that’s bubbling, oozing, melting, stretching and covering over anything and everything.

My usual spinach salad?  No!  I sauté spinach, mushroom and onion instead first and top with cheese until it melts.  Then on a warm, crusty baguette.

cheese-fondueCheese and crackers served with wine amongst friends?  No!  I finally had to figure out why fondue was making such a comeback.  This communal cheese dip that included garlic, wine, spices and our AleHouse Cheddar really rallied my group of girlfriends around a central spot and the lively conversation became almost celebratory.

Even when its just my daughter and I watching the Celtics game and looking for just a little something, I bake a few dinner rolls, slice them open and tuck in a slab of our Lillé, a favorite for us both.  The heat from the rolls is enough to melt the cheese.  So simple and easy that I hardly miss a basket.

Grilled cheese sandwiches with soup, mac & cheese, scalloped cheesy potatoes with broccoli and ham, these are all on the winter menu.

In the morning, a toasted bagel really loves our Blueberry WindsorDale.  After toasting in the toaster, I put under the broiler with our Blueberry WindsorDale on top for just a minute.  Crunchy bagel with bubbly hot, sweet and savory cheese on top really gets you warmed up to face the cold.

I supposed when it starts to warm up I’ll go back to the usual cheeseboard for snacks and entertaining but right now while I’m enjoying winter the best way I can, I also enjoy my cheese…melted!


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