A Summers Dose of Minnesota

IMG_4011Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company (VFCC) has been blessed with a great summer intern and will be sad to see him go. Wyatt Smith came to us through the Fred Stout Experience Intern Program through the American Jersey Cattle Association. Wyatt has been a great asset to the VFCC team this summer with his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and be involved. He has a strong interest in various Dairy careers and is aspiring to be a veterinarian.


Wyatt has grown up on Smith Haven Dairy, with ten years of experience on his families’dairy farm in Hamburg Minnesota. Throughout childhood he was learning to manage adairy of 115 registered jerseys, and he has grown more and more interested in the dairy industry since. He is pursuing his education at the University of Minnesota, majoring in Animal Science with an emphasis in Pre-vet, while an active member of the Dairy club and Block and Bridle.

Wyatt is enthusiastic, polite, engaging, and a hard worker. He works about 50 hours per photo-19 week and is always happy and willing to work more. He  has gained some diverse experience working here on the  farm and in the creamery.  On the farm Wyatt has  helped out with various projects, has assisted in chores  consisting of feeding, cleaning and monitoring the dairy  herd of 70 cows, and has also helped with calf chores,  treatments, and milking. In the creamery he has been learning about cheese production and everything that goes into creating an award-winning batch of cheese. Wyatt has had a unique cheesemaking experience here, truly impacting the process from farm to table. From calf rearing; to milk production, cheese making, molding and aging; and cutting and wrapping; labeling and shipping, Wyatt has done it all.

photo-18Wyatt has been a great help here and has become a friend to many of us. He will be missed when he leaves to head back to school at the end of the month.

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